Saturday, April 18, 2009

EVOLV: ecosystem and biological evolution simulation

This is a personal attempt at developing a computer simulation of an ecosystem that can be both entertaining and truthful to reality. There is much still to do, more info at


  1. Arguments for intelligent design

    A powerful, sophisticated computer is designed and made by engineers and thoughtfully programmed by a programmer. A mechanical watch is meticulously designed and assembled by diligent, skilled craftsmen. Now a single cell in the human body is quite complicated and functions systematically. A single neuron in the human brain is extremely complicated.;

    The human brain is much more complicated than the most powerful supercomputer. The structure of the eye is very complex. One can see brilliant "design" in all these.

    One will certainly not agree that the wristwatch came from the sea all by itself, or that a Cray supercomputer dropped from the sky! Now certainly human beings have not created themselves. One has to logically agree that there has to be a superior intelligent entity (which of course can be called God, but let's not touch the word "God" for now).

    If one accepts that all living beings that exist today have evolved from primitive life forms over millions of years by natural selection, then one means to say life has evolved all by itself without any thoughtful and intelligent design behind it. Then does not "natural selection" mean chance? Most modern biologists support "natural selection" (here I presume "natural selection" to mean chance) and most probably want to say, "Various life forms existing today have evolved by chance, without any thoughtful plan by any superior intelligent being whatsoever."

    If you say "natural selection", then who (or what) "selects"? There has to be "someone" or "something" with intelligence who "selects". Then if we agree that this intelligence has no cause or is just "by chance" and there was no intended purpose for life to exist, what is the point in putting forward these views? Why take credit for all these views? Why give credit to Jacques Monod by giving him a Nobel prize?

    Because then ultimately whatever theories or views that have been put forward in support of evolution/natural selection would also be outcome of chance. If a person comes on stage and kicks an eminent evolutionist (who accepts that life evolved by chance) while he's being honoured and then says "It happened by chance. It was naturally selected that I kick you," would that be acceptable?

  2. Are you interested in discussing this topic further?
    I'd like to know if you have any counter-arguments.